Country Thunder has partnered with Lyte to help our fans purchase official tickets and campsites,
even after they're sold out!
All tickets are issued by our ticketing provider, Elevate, and are 100% guaranteed.


Looking for Tickets or Campsites?

This feature allows you to sign up for a waitlist. If the item you've requested becomes available, Lyte will automatically complete your order at the original price offered. Please note, when signing up for this waitlist, you will enter your payment information and be offered a price for the item. This price may be higher or lower than Country Thunder's advertised price, based on demand.

Plans Changed?

Are you unable to attend Country Thunder? Lyte will offer to purchase your sold out ticket or campsite so another fan can go in your place! Please note, Lyte will only purchase items that are sold out.

Send to Your Friends or Family!

Do you need to transfer the right to renew your tickets or campsites? Moving forward, all fans will need to use this "Send Tickets" feature in order to transfer the right to renew. We understand that transferring the right to renew has often been complicated and unsecure. Lyte's process is easy and guaranteed! * The original owner logs onto Lyte's platform and selects the items they are transferring. *The original owner sets their price and provides their email for PayPal payment. * The new owner receives a secure link to pay for the item. *The new owner can now log into their Country Thunder account and see their new items! This new process allows for more security and easier renewal. The new owner does not need to visit the Information Booth or call Country Thunder - they can renew online! Please note, there is a transfer fee, charged to the new owner.