Betting Plan


The BETTING PLAN is exactly what it says--it tells you WHAT HORSE to bet, and for WHAT CATEGORY (Win/Place). The recommendations are based on Prakash Gosavi's handicapping insights and methods. In essence, thanks to the timely messages on your smartphone through WhatsApp, you get a chance to exactly replicate Prakash Gosavi's own betting action on your own scale and adjusted to your own comfort zone level.

Is there any guarantee of profit?

Guarantee? Certainly not.

Because despite having 15 winning seasons out of the last 17--ten of them on the trot, PG himself cannot predict if the next season will be a winning one.
There is absolutely NO GUARANTEE of any kind. This game is fraught with dangers at every juncture, and a good percentage of the factors that decide the outcome of a race are beyond any bettor's direct control.

We have made it clear that past exellence is no guarantee of future profits, and, that our customers must be fully aware that despite our best intentions and efforts, they may encounter a situation of financial loss for which they have agreed not only to be prepared, but also not to hold anyone including PG, his website/s, Apps & their makers responsible, while signing up for this service.

Will you be handling my bets?

No, we will not handle your bets.

The money you pay us is our FEE, and NOT your betting capital.

After you register for our service by paying the FEES, you will need to have your own betting capital from which, based on our recommendations for the bet, you will yourself proceed with your own money. Our advice is to limit your maximum bet to less than 5% of your original, or starting, bankroll.

Will I receive a message in every race?

Unlikely. This exclusive service is a replicated model of PG's own betting activity, and since he does not bet in every race, you are unlikely to receive a recommendation in every race.

When will you alert me about an upcoming bet?

Good question. But before we explain, please note that we will be sending messages ONLY through WhatsApp, on the phone number you register with us, and while efforts will be made by us to make sure our messages reach you well in time, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have access to your smartphone and WhatsApp during the races.

As regards our messages, there will be two types of messages that you will receive. One will be called ALERT message; the other will be called ACTION message.

Whenever a probable bet is coming up, you will first receive an ALERT message so that you can stay tuned for the next message. The ALERT message will have no mention of our "horse of interest", it will only convey the "race of interest". This ALERT message, typically, will be relayed after the earlier race gets over, say, about 20-25 minutes before the race we are interested in.

Since the final decision is made ONLY AFTER the paddock inspection (and sometimes AFTER watching our horse in the post-paddock parade), you can expect to receive the ACTION message soon after the horses leave the paddock, typically 8-10 minutes before the start of the race.

In rare cases, when PG needs to observe how the horse of interest is trotting towards the starting gate, the ACTION message may be delayed up to 5 minutes before the scheduled race time, so you will need to be absolutely alert, and in position, to act quickly after you receive the same.

How will the message about the Betting Plan read or look? Can I see a sample?

Below is a sample ALERT message.
ALERT Message
Sep 3, 2016
Race 6 at 4.15 pm.
Stand by for ACTION message.

Below is a sample ACTION message.
------------ ACTION Message
Sep 3, 2016
Race 6 at 4.15 pm.
#5 King Of Romance for WIN.

The first message (ALERT) is sent so that you can be ready with the required amount of cash (your standard bet size or maximum 5% of your capital earmarked for an entire season), and get close to the betting area, whether it is a Tote window or bookmaker's ring so that when you get the second (ACTION) message, you are in a position to place your bet. In case of NO ACTION after releasing the ALERT Message, the communication will look like this: ------------- NO ACTION. NO ACTION. Skipping race 6. -------------
Should you have any further query, please feel free to email us your thoughts and you will get a response within two days.

What was your most recent performance? Was it a winning one?

The most recent performance of the Betting Plan, for the PUNE monsoon season 2019, was good. The Betting Plan members made profits of nearly 12 times their standard bet size. For example, if you had been a member of that group, and your standard bet was, say, 25k, then your profits would have been around 300k. Just to put things in perspective, the fees we had charged for the Pune sesaon was 50k. Interestingly, they were very lucky because they never had to risk more than a single bet money as the very first bet itself was a winner at the odds 4.50 and all through the Pune season they operated through the profit zone only. Of course, that was a lucky coincidence, and you can't expect to be as lucky every time.

Can I get any concession? Like paying in instalments? Or getting any discount?

YES, if you had been a past Premium Member of our site for any product (like Betting Plan, Handicapping Workshop, etc), then you get a LOYALTY discount of 20%. However, we are sorry there is no facility for instalments. The full fee has to be paid upfront when you register for the Betting Plan service.

Do you offer Betting Plan service for ALL centers in India?

NO. We offer this service ONLY for Mumbai and Pune racing seasons. We believe our expertise about horses racing at Mumbai is dependable, so we do not venture out of our circle of competence.

Do I have to disclose my betting captial (bankroll) figure to you?

NO. You should not. That's your private information and we are not interested in it. Just make sure that when you pay us our fees in advance, your standard single bet size should be decent enough to make financial sense for you. Otherwise you will start with a handicap and come under pressure.

Can you give me some advice about what Betting Capital I should start with?

Good question. This welcome mail which goes out to each Betting Plan member after his profile is approved, and payment is made, should give you a fair idea about your query. Please read it carefully. ============================== Dear BETTING PLAN subscriber, Welcome aboard. Thank you for the faith you have reposed in my ​research and ​handicapping methods. ​All of you have contributed serious money, and that too only as consulting fees. It ​ only makes stronger my resolve to give you my best. It is my hope that, God willing, you will have reason to smile at the end of this experiment. Yes, I am using the word 'experiment' because that is what I want you to treat this whole exercise as. But it will be a serious experiment because real money will be involved​; ​my bet-picking skills​ will be put to acid test; and your discipline to stick to the recommended bet will also be tested--especially during a losing streak (it would be foolish to imagine we will not have one, no one can escape it). ​For this experiment to be successful, both you and I need to be at our absolute ​best. Therefore, I am jotting down my thoughts below about what specific actions on your part can help our team effort. ​1​) Keep your bankroll size such that you it will not make you lose your sleep if you face a loss. Make sure that its size does not disturb your personal comfort zone. ​2) A good pointer to decide the bankroll for the entire season is to think of your average bet size and multiply it by 20. That means if your average bet size is X, you must earmark a capital of 20 times X, and keep it aside (and SAFE) for the forthcoming sesaon. You don't have to disclose your figure of season's betting capital to us, but under no circumstances you should forget it (or change it midway). 3) ​Write down this figure, in letters one inch high, on a piece of paper, and keep it in your wallet. No, I am not joking, this small exercise has a great psychological benefit. It will never let you forget your starting capital. 4) When I say bet size 5% as a standard bet irrespective of the odds on the horse, it will always mean 5% of your ORIGINAL CAPITAL figure, irrespective of the CURRENT state of capital or profit & loss situation at that point. You must never forget this rule. 5) I am harping on it again and again because many times during this experiment you will come across situations when you will be tempted to bet either too big (because my recommendation is a favourite and getting further backed) or too small (because my recommendation is at big odds and no one is supporting it), and that's the time you will need to remind yourself what you have committed to follow--and why. 6) You don't have to carry all your capital to the races every day, only a fraction of it, generally 15 or 20% of it should be more than enough. Because on most days we may have 1 or 2 bets, rarely 3. On some days, we may not have a single bet, but such days may be rare. ​ 7) Please carefully read another question in this same section, to understand the difference between ALERT and ACTION messages, how they work, and how their samples look. 8) Assuming this experiment is profitable, and you want the optimize for the best possible results, make sure you don't miss a single bet for whatever reason. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us. TEAM PrakashGosavi.com ========================================

Does PG always bet his first choice (given in selections column) in a race that he selects for recommending to the Betting Plan members?

Good question. Though the selections for each race carry 3 horses as 1-2-3 choices, and occasionally an upset choice, PG does not finalize the bet until he checks out the horses in the paddock, observes how they look and behave--especially after the jockeys mount, and the odds movement. It is quite possible PG may finally settle on his second or third or upset choice as a bet ( and extremely rarely, even a horse NOT mentioned among those choices--but, of course, that would be very, very rare!). Because the selections are based on Dynamic Ratings and striding patterns, more a theoretical prediction than a well-thought out decision, you can never presume PG is going to bet his first choice if you receive ALERT message for a race. However, going by the past data, yes, there will always be more first choices among his final selections than other horses, but it could be risky to jump to such conclusions. The best course of action as a Betting Plan member is to patiently wait for the ACTION message.

Handicapping Workshop

What is Dynamic Handicapping?

In a series of articles published between 1991-95, Prakash Gosavi published his research about how each factor (like fitness, handicap weight, jockey skill, underfoot condition, trip distance, etc) affects a racehorse's stride, and thereby its ability to generate galloping speed. Because it was a sort of "dynamic view" of the stride of a galloping horse, it was called Dynamic Handicapping, or theory of Dynamic Ratings. The name stuck.

Is it too mathematical?

Not really. If you know the basic high school level arithmetic, you should do well. And in any case, during PG's later research (2008-10) based on Dynamic Handicapping principles and math, he discovered interesting striding patterns which hinted at dramatic improvement in the physical condition of a horse in future runs. These patterns are also taught at the workshop with detailed examples. These are simple patterns and anyone with average intelligence, can master them. This new easier system now forms the major crux of the 3-day handicapping workshop, after introductoin to the original theory.

How many students are there in one batch?

We attempt to restrict the number to only 10 so as to be able to give individual attention to every participant. However, there have been times when former students wish to refresh their knowledge and update new research findings. It is our policy to admit them at a concessional rate, and in such instances, the number of participants goes over the desired 10.

Why do you need 3 full days to teach?

You can have a look at the Syllabus and know for yourself why we take 3 full days to impart the skills required for digesting the methods. Our methods are very different--in fact, unique. They are also very unusual, and sometimes, contrary to the accepted wisdom on the topic. The process involves changing the core belief system of participants about handicapping and betting.

How much do you charge for the 3-day handicapping workshop?

Our fees have been fixed over the years: Rs 75,000 (inclusive of taxes) per participant. But those who are keen and have been waiting to attend the workshop get a chance to register under a massive Early Bird discount of Rs 25,000 (they pay only 50k) if they book within 2 weeks of the workshop announcement. If you are one such person, you can get onto the waiting list right now by clicking this link, and you will get intimation as and when the next workshop is announced. Please also note that we conduct the workshop in a STAR hotel (generally, 4-star or 5-star) in an ambience that gives our participants completely distraction-free, super, exclusive experience when they are focusing on the learning.

If I come from out of city, will my stay also be included in the fee I pay to you?

NO. You will have to make your own arrangements for accomodation. Our fees include complete workshop material (including data, files, pre-coded formulae in sheets and other software and other study material), breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea/coffee/snacks. As mentioned in answer to an earlier question, we conduct the workshop in a STAR hotel (generally, 4-star or 5-star) in an ambience that gives our participants distraction-free, super, exclusive experience when they are focusing on the learning.

General Questions

How to use this site for best view on Mobile?

This website has been specially designed to display beautifully on a mobile phone, so that you do not have to make any changes in your settings or browser resolutions. However, if you are viewing this website on other handheld devices (like ipad), the experience may get slightly compromised, but not much. The mobile site has full menu (3 horizontal lines) at the top right corner and direct access to 5 most popular pages at the bottom like the usual App navigation.

How can I save this website on the Homepage of my smartphone?

Just go to the 3 small dots in the right top corner of your mobile browser, tap the option "Add to Home screen", and get this website on your mobile just like any other APP. Also, please note when you open this website on a mobile, besides the main menu (three horizontal black lines) in the top right corner, you will also get direct access to the 5 most popular pages of the website at the bottom of the screen which look exactly like a mobile app design to give you the best experience.

Is it compulsory to "Sign up FREE" even if I am not subscribing to any premium service?

No. You can access all non-member pages without either registering or logging in. However, if you wish to view the Selections page (available to FREE members 2 hours before the first race on the Mumbai card) or the Odds page (morning or opening odds), then you can visit those pages only when you are signed in as a FREE member. So it is advisable to sign up as a FREE member even if you are not subscribing to any premium content. Note: The BEST (easy and quick) option to Sign up FREE is to sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account, so that you don't need to fill or reveal your actual FB or Google password when signing up. Later, you can always use the same option to log in (signing in with FB or Gmail), or even better, always stay signed in.

When are SELECTIONS published?

The Selections are published one day before the race day. However, they can be accessed only by Early Access or Betting Plan members as the page is locked for all other visitors including the FREE members. The Selections page, however, is made OPEN for ALL FREE Members 2 hours before the time of the first race on the card.


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