Limited Tickets Remaining at Current Price!





Please remember, if you wish to access to the campgrounds, you MUST have a 4-day pass.*


  • Crazy Coyote - SOLD OUT
  • Road Runner - SOLD OUT
  • Road Runner Family - SOLD OUT
  • Preferred - SOLD OUT
  • Crown - SOLD OUT
  • Last Chance - SOLD OUT
  • Encore - SOLD OUT
  • Sidewinder - SOLD OUT
  • Canyon - SOLD OUT
  • Desperado - SOLD OUT
  • Outback - SOLD OUT
  • Wild Horse - SOLD OUT
  • Ponderosa - SOLD OUT
  • Premier - SOLD OUT

Click here to read more about Premier Camping.




Please remember, if you wish to access to the campgrounds, you MUST have a 4-day pass.*


All campsites are allowed to have (1) sleeping quarters and (2) motorized vehicles (one vehicle included with the campsite purchase.) If your camping unit is 35' or larger, it is considered Oversized, and therefore you MUST purchase (2) campsites side-by-side (Premier is excluded as sites are already 25'x45').

If you wish to park a second vehicle on your campsite, the owner of the campsite will need to call our office (866.802.6418) to purchase an Extra Vehicle Pass no later than April 1, 2017.

Please note that if you have a motorized RV, that counts as your sleeping unit and your motorized vehicle.




If you would like to purchase a Port-o-Potty, please see camping Add-Ons. Remember each item that you bring MUST FIT ON YOUR 19'x40' campsite (19'x38' for Outback, 25'x45' for Premier). Please plan ahead, and make sure your things fit on your site.

Due to the safety of yourself and others, we ask that you not bring any ATVs, golf carts, mopeds, bikes, etc.

Campers are allowed to load-in starting Wednesday, April 5th at 9:00am. If you are dropping a camper for another patron and do not have a 4-day wristband, you will be allowed to do so, but must leave collateral and sign any necessary paperwork.

All campsites are up for renewal starting April 6, 2016 online or over the phone and during the festival at the Information Tent (hours located on our FAQ page under the Information section).

Your tickets will be mailed out in the Spring of 2017 - we are transitioning to RFID wristbands!

Please read the directions in the information packet before arriving at the festival. Also, please see Camping Rules for additional information. Come join your fellow friends under the stars, and join the Country Thunder tradition in 2017!

Country Thunder is a privately owned company. We do not discriminate, but reserve the right to refuse service and admittance to any person if actions are deemed malicious, inappropriate and or abusive towards staff and other patrons. We will not and cannot verify a third party sale of a ticket. Buyer beware on all sales when it is not from an authorized ticket seller. We encourage you when purchasing a ticket to purchase it from an authorized ticket seller.