Posted by SK - Country Thunder on 03/02/2016


Festival season is right around the corner, and we've put together a list of must-have items to help you have the the experience possible when you step onto the grounds.  A true member of CT NATION knows preparation is key when it comes to a flawless CT Experience, so pack up these favorite items, hit the road, and walk into the festival with only one focus - making this year's festival the best yet!


For those of you that aren't quite the pre-planner, don't fret, we will have a few resources on-site including Project Shelter with your amenity and ice needs, over 45 retail vendors with tons of items to shop, and 20 food vendors for your favorite festival grub.


COOLERS -Don't let your drinks get cold while you're away from your campsite, keep all your food and drinks on ice so they are ready when you get back to your site.



CASH - Always good to have a little extra cash on hand to buy that new CT shirt or to avoid ATM lines!




SWEATSHIRT - It heats up in the daytime, but can get chilly at night, if you are camping, be sure to have a sweatshirt on hand just in case it gets a little cold.



GAMES - When you aren't catching your favorite artists on stage, don't get bored at your site - everyone loves a good game of giant jenga or corn hole!



CHARCOAL OR PROPANE - Country Thunder does not allow wood burning fires so bring a charcoal or propane one for those late night hangouts.



SUNSCREEN AND BUGSPRAY- This one is pretty self explanatory but definitely necessary for a comfortable weekend!



PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER - Snapping those pics can drain your battery quickly, have a portable phone charger on had to bring your phone back to life in a snap.



DRY SHAMPOO - Anything goes at festival time, so you may go the whole weekend without a shower, but if you are looking for a quick fix, dry shampoo is perfect for going that extra day - or four - without hopping in the shower



BABY WIPES OR HAND SANITIZER - Let's keep healthy y'all! Use either item for quick clean-up and to wash your hands through out the weekend.



DON'T FORGET THOSE CAMPSITE ADD-ONS - If you need an Extra Vehicle Pass or you want your own Port-O-Potty just for you and your friends, call us at 866.802.6418 to reserve it!



Lastly of course - don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, food and all other camping supplies.  Country Thunder has got the music covered!








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